Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Awana Awards

The kids did AWANAS at Bayleaf this year. Cailey had finished her books last year but we wanted her to complete one more year. Her leader asked her to memorize 1 John 1.  Well she was very consistent and ended up learning ALL of 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, AND Jude. It was very hard but she accomplished her goal and has them hidden in her heart for sure. We can say a reference and she can spout out the verse with no's awesomely amazing to see.

She was asked to carry the flag for the final ceremony this year and was psyched. 

I mean...the cuteness!! My little cubbie bear finished his first year!

 Kinsey did a great job too and finished her book, the review, and her flight plan. Way to go, Kins!

Braden completed his first year of TnT and did an awesome job, as usual!  He finished the first book (including gold and silver) and got most way through his second book. 

 Great job, Kiddos!

So crazy to think this was Cailey's last year!  She started Awana at Open Door, then Providence, Mt. Vernon, and finally Bayleaf. Next year she wants to be a cubbie helper.

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