Saturday, May 25, 2013

Got To Be NC

 We went to the Got to Be NC Festival and each of the kiddos got a wrist band to wear so they could ride as many times as they wanted to. There was NO waiting in lines and the crowd was low because we went as soon as it opened..and it was an overcast day.
 Brian and I were super psyched that they were old enough to go on by themselves so we didn't have to go on scary ones with them:). 

 driving a car!

 kinsey's favorite ride was the swings and she rode them over and over again!

 they loved taking ephram on rides

 riding the strawberry together

 daddy rode the carousel with the kiddos

 the super slick slide

 mommy got brave because ephram wanted to go down and needed an adult to go with him.

 sweet boys

 ephram liked trying out the tractors

 cotton candy!

 sweet sissies waiting for a ride

 these ducklings were SO very cute!  they were floating in this tub and walked up stairs before going down a slide. we watched them all go down several times. they were all so patient about waiting their turns:)

 This man taught the kids how to carve with tools that were used before electricity. Cailey was able to demonstrate it for everyone.

We had a really fun family day together at the Got to Be NC Festival!  This is our 'fair' that we go to every year! It's much cheaper, less crowded, same rides, same animals, much more fun:)

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