Friday, May 17, 2013


 Nonny is great at beading and makes beautiful jewelry.  One night she offered to let the kids bead and they made beautiful necklaces and bracelets!  Braden even made something pretty to hang from the van mirror. We were thinking that Ephram would probably just want to watch and not be able to do it (since it involved a needle and very small beads) but he did AWESOME! He didn't need any help and made me the most beautiful necklace for mother's day:).  Then mom made me matching earrings. He gets so very excited every time I wear it.

Kinsey made herself a really cute bracelet...which ended up being the perfect anklet.  Cailey did her own thing and was very specific about which beads she wanted to use and how she wanted to make a pattern.  I love that about her. I love that even though everyone else was using all different kinds (though Ephram was specific about colors) she ignored it and did her own thing. LOVED.IT!  She also surprised me but giving it to me for Mother's Day.

All of them had a great time beading and were excited to do it again. Thank you, Nonny!

teaching them how to tie it off at the end

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