Sunday, May 5, 2013

Farm Day 1

We were blessed with the opportunity to farm sit for friends who were going out of town for four days. It was SO so so much fun!  It given the opportunity we'd definitely do it again! We showed up in the evening and the kids were so excited they got right to exploring.  First up was the tire swing.

 meeting the big goats, chickens, chicks, baby goats, and bunnies

 these kids and the chickens! cracked me up! they were beyond happy to be 'farm hands'

 my evening view. i LOVE old buildings/barns.  they have a gorgeous pond that overlooks the best background.

 baby tried out the tire swing when daddy got home from work.

 feeding the goats some leaves

i'm pretty sure this is the only picture i took inside because most of our time was spent outdoors. the boys were excited to find tons of guns, light sabers, and costumes to play with.

Cailey wanted to sleep in her 'own' room so we split the girls up. The boys shared a room and big bed....which they loved.  Kinsey was happy to do whatever..she's so easygoing! This ALL led to completely rearranging OUR house so Cailey could have her own!

It was very peaceful being way out on the farm and both of us (brian and i) felt much more relaxed. day one was a super fun beginning to a great weekend.

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