Tuesday, May 21, 2013

dog bite

While we were in Maryland Ephram was attached to the dogs (as usual) and though they are sweet, Buddy has been known to bite occasionally. We told Ephram to be careful around him but he would just say, "Buddy won't bite! See! He loves me rubbing him!"  Of course in his sweet little voice.

He came running to me after petting Buddy and told said, "That's okay if Buddy bit me mommy. It didn't hurt. I'm okay" He was SUPER nervous. I could tell he was upset..and I couldn't believe it!  His cheek puffed up all around from the bite even though his skin wasn't broken through. This is the same reaction Cailey had when she was two whenever she'd be licked by a dog. (Raised red bumps) She ended up being allergic to dogs after that so I'm guessing he is too.

He was ok...just really clingy afterwards. I'm beyond thankful he was ok and super thankful that I was able to text with our favorite, Dr. Walker!

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