Sunday, May 19, 2013

building with poppy

 Ephram always loves watching Poppy make boxes and furniture down in the basement. He kept asking if he could build something so Poppy took him down one night and taught him how to hammer and make a cross.  Ephram said he wanted to put nails in the hands and feet where Jesus was on the cross.
 He was beyond THRILLED with his final product!! He wanted to call Brian and tell him all about it then ran to show the other kiddos. He was in heaven. I loved seeing him so happy! So proud!

That night when I went to check on him I found him sleeping with the cross in his arms!  I had to take it away because of the nails sticking out (where the hands and feet would be) but it was precious!  He was SO VERY excited to bring it home and paint it with Daddy!

The next day he woke up and said he wanted to make a sword. Or maybe a gun or ax. Poppy didn't think that was a great idea because the wood is thick and he didn't want someone to get hurt by accident. BUT Ephram is still coming up with ideas of his next project with Poppy:)

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