Monday, June 22, 2009

and this is just her back

For some reason every summer our backyard is INFESTED with mosquitos. I don't even like going back's crazy! Until a few days ago I thought the mosquitos only liked darker skinned people because Cailey never really gets bit, but Braden and Kinsey get HUGE welts ALL OVER THEM. I almost think they are allergic to them or something because I've never seen a bite swell up so much...and then the next day they look more like 'normal' bites. I feel so bad for them!

A few days ago we had friends over for dinner and then the kiddos went swimming in the backyard pool. When Jackson (who is much lighter skinned) came in, he had over twenty bites on him....and no one else had any (well...maybe kinsey had a couple). We have GOT to figure out how to cut down on the mosquito population in our!!


Caroline said...

We have a big mosquito issue too, but we have a creek, so there's not a whole lot we can do about it. I saw a sign in someone's yard recently about it being sprayed for mosquitoes. You might want to check into something like that. Avon also makes a really good product called Skin So Soft that is really good. I wonder if its something with the Asian makeup of skin b/c our next door neighbor's adopted daughter from China gets huge welts too when she's bitten. Poor things. Hope they feel better soon.

Nan said...

Some kids are allergic to them...Jonathan, with his sensitivities and allergies...his bites swell up like that too! You might try the bug guard that Avon sells and giving the kids a dose of benedryl or use the anti-itch stick that benedryl makes (it contains the same active ingredient that is in the liquid, so don't double dose them)...that should help with any reaction they might have. Good luck...those things are the pits!

Sherri said...

Evan's bites look like that too. Of course, he's the one that has all the allergies. I took him strawberry picking one time and his legs got covered in enormous welts - scared the farm owner to death. Sarah doesn't get bitten nearly as much. Guess Evan smells sweeter.

McLeod Family said...


My kids swell up like that too - very badly. I know here you can call the city and they will come out and spray for free. My friend had them do it a few times and she said her yard is MUCH better. Hopefully, your city does that too.