Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I asked the kids to tell me some things they love about Daddy and this is what they said (I did NOT prompt them in any way):

Kinsey: I love daddy cuz I like him. I like him read books and we pay games.

Braden: Dear Daddy,
I like to snug you. I like to read with you. I love playing with you. I'm thankful that you work for us. I like cleaning up for you. I'm thankful that you make us lunch sometimes. You love me. I love you.

Cailey: Dear Daddy,
I love you. I like you snugging me. You're my best Daddy because you take me places. I love that you get me breakfast (breftis) and believe in Jesus. I love you because you love mommy. I love that you let me practice riding my bike even when it's hot. I'm thankful that you grill hot dogs. I love to watch movies with you. I love to read the bible with you. I like it when just you and me go to the park and you help me empty my part of the dishwasher. I love you because we wash the car together. I'm thankful you mow the grass so my legs won't be itchy. Love,

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Eve said...

love the way the kiddos express their love for their dad! I hope that you all had a great Father's Day!