Tuesday, June 30, 2009


MAY: (this was written in May)
I wanted to do a coupon update for everyone who's been asking about our savings. In May we spent $168.00 on groceries/household items. I didn't post pictures of everything we I didn't have time to take the pictures but tried to do better in June. We got WAY more food than we normally do and spent WAY less money, so that was great! I think we won't need to buy chicken again until the end of the summer because I bought 19lbs of it!! I'm still trying to get the budget down more, but we just eat too many fruits and veggies:). May was so low because I got pounds and pounds of free apples and we had strawberries, blueberries, bananas and apple sauce in the freezer that we used.

June started out with a purchase of $29.00 worth of produce including .99 strawberries, .78/lb peaches, .99/lb apples, .89/lb pears, .99 cucumbers, .99 peppers...in all colors! That same week I bought these groceries and two gallons of milk for $13.00. More than I wanted to spend, but still a great deal. This picture isn't that great, but there are three bottles of sunscreen that were $8.99 each before coupons...but coupons helped with that too!

(including 2 gallons of milk
not in the picture)

(I got a $5 gift card back as well)

(It cost $2.08 in tax but I had a gift card from buying the Smart One's
meals, so it ended up being free..WITH money still left on the card:)

(I forgot I left a bag in the car that
had two more toothpastes in it, one more
softsoap, 7 deli meat pkg, and 3 more Pecan Sandies)
We don't usually drink kool aid but I got 50 pkgs for free and
figured it was lemonade:). Also...we've never bought packaged
cookies but have been able to give some away. The only things that cost
money were the hot dogs and the deli meat pkg...everything else
was completely free.

plus I got a $10.00 gift card
back! Biggest savings to date: more than
$200! Brian has cut me off from buying
more toilet paper for a while because we have SO much

I've learned 'target/goal' prices on a lot
of foods and my target price for cereal is less
than a dollar a box.

$2.00/ plus I got $15 dollars back in gift cards
went shopping at mom's for my
first trip to Harris Teeter (and
I got to organize mom's coupons and
help her out with her shopping:)

thanks to super double coupons at
Harris Teeter I was able to get this
all for $6!!

I got this at Harris Teeter for free and
they gave me $1 back! (I got a
$4 printout from my previous HT
trip to use:)

$16.00 (plus I got $10.00 back in gift cards)
*not pictured: 2 gallons of milk, yogurt,
and 8 boxes of eggo waffles*

$8.00 (if I didn't get peppers or
chicken my total would have been $3.00...
but the 4 red peppers were on sale for .99/ea
and the chicken was around $1/lb too!)

I was pretty good with the pictures in June and only left out a few bread/milk/produce ones. In all we spent $110.00 this month on groceries and once again got a TON more than we usually do. I thought it would be harder than May because of the produce but we were blessed with great sales! We were also at Nonny and Poppy's for a week so that helped too...although it didn't stop me from going shopping up there:)! I don't usually go to the grocery store this much but with the super double coupons at Harris Teeter and AWESOME deals at Target I couldn't resist! In addition to saving money this month, I still have $15.00 worth of gift cards from my purchases to use at Target! I am thinking about having some coupon classes because so many people are interested in how I save so much money AND because we have GOT to raise some money for the adoption! There...I've finally said it on the blog...we are adopting a baby boy from Korea!! Therefore we need to save/earn as much as possible.


anthonyandbeth said...

amazing! :) i'll take your class! :)

Laura said...

so you only had to buy 4 gallons of milk for the entire month? I go through that much in a week:)

Heather said...

we had two gallons of milk leftover from the end of May and then we were gone a week...and we will buy milk tomorrow:).

Laura said...

gotcha....I was wondering how you managed that one! It does help when you travel, doesn't it?
We need to get together about next week:)

Anonymous said...

Do you buy coupons online? How many Sunday papers do you buy? How quickly do you go through printer ink?

Heather said...

to anonymous:
i've never bought a coupon (as that would defeat the purpose of me trying to save money:). we get one sunday paper and i don't have friends or neighbors who give me theirs (although that would be awesome!). we do have four computers to print coupons off of, so that helps! as far as ink goes, we've replaced it once and i've been doing this since the end of March or April. if you ever want more info, please feel free to email me:)!

Caroline said...

I am looking for ways to save on our grocery budget which is OBSCENE every month. We LOVE fresh fruits and veggies and you kind of answered my questions about that. Some other things I'm wondering about are 1) do you need a ton of space to store all this stuff? 2) do you need a deep freezer? 3) How does this jive with being on WW or another weight loss lifestyle? 4) do you do the grocery game or is this all from coupons and looking at store specials? (btw, we DON'T have HT anywhere near us and I just can't drive to G'boro to shop with the current life stage we're in.