Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first Race!

we don't have any good pictures of
the kiddos but they were a great support!

In the beginning of March I started a couch to 5K program with Brian. We would run four days a week after he'd get home from work and it was HARD work for me. I've NEVER been a runner before but I was a fast walker (and by fast I mean most people called it running). I started out being completely out of shape and wanted to quit many times, which is why I've waited 3 months to post anything about it. Once I got to 1 1/2 miles, I started doing it on my own because Brian (a former runner) wanted to go MUCH faster and further. My good friend, Beth, was always there to encourage me and helped me get through my first three mile run! I could NOT have done this without her or Brian but am so thankful I stuck with it.
This morning I ran in my first race and did great! I've been having a really hard time this past week because of the heat and haven't been able to do my usual 3 miles at all so I didn't think I'd be able to do it. I don't have my 'official' time but my watch says I did 3.15 miles in 32.01....for me that was fast. UPDATE: I JUST GOT MY OFFICIAL TIME AND IT WAS 31:57... WOOOOHOOO!!! There were a ton of hills including the one we had to run up to the finish line, so that didn't make it any easier. Brian and the kids came to support me but somehow missed me everytime I ran by:).
Hopefully I'll be able to continue through the summer because it's been MUCH harder for me than it was during the cooler days.


anthonyandbeth said...

Brian looks so proud of you in that picture! you did GREAT Heather! faster than my first 5K. :) i know how hard it is to start from nothing to have worked hard. i'm glad you were able to do the race! great job!

Nan said...

Awesome! I was going to trun my first one in two weeks...but thanks to pneumonia, I can barely walk around Target without getting tired!

Wilson Ramblings said...

way to go!!!!!

Janet said...

Congratulations on your first race - hills and all!

Eve said...

so proud of you!