Saturday, June 27, 2009


so proud of our little singer!

celebrating a job well done
with ice cream!

A couple weeks ago Cailey had a choir camp that lasted a week. There were a ton of kids there and in only a week (of 1/2 days) they were able to put together an AMAZING musical. The kids had a choice to learn choreography, sign language, rhythm, dance, or solos. Cailey learned the choreography and requested a solo. I love that she has no stage fright (SO different from me in that way) and actually LOVES to be singing in front of everyone. She did a great job on her solo and a great job learning all the other songs as well. She's already asking if she can go back again next year and can't wait to see all the new friends she made!

At AWANAS, Sunday School, Co op, the pool, etc. Cailey has always desired to be friends with the older girls. We've been blessed that so far all the girls she loves to hang around with are wonderful examples and don't mind her 'tagging along'. I told her the other day that she'll have to remember this as she gets older and to always be kind to younger children who want to be her friend....even if she doesn't want to:).

one of the 'stars' and Cailey's
new (older) buddy for the week!

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anthonyandbeth said...

i'm glad she enjoyed herself! what a fun week! :)