Saturday, June 6, 2009

The BEST day EVER!!

SO proud of herself!

swimming to the side after going down the slide

she likes this slide MUCH better...says it's
faster and longer:)

swimming to the side...although she's made great
friends with the lifegaurds at the bottom of the slides (b/c
she spends so much time on them!) so they'll pull her to the wall

LOVE that confidence and joy!

This is our FAVORITE life gaurd (the kids refer to her as 'the
nice one') who tested Cailey for her black band. Cailey LOVES Ms. Emily
and follows her around to talk to her. She even got Ms. Emily to
go down the slide with her!

Cailey and Ms. Emily...great gal!

sometimes Braden and Kinsey like to watch Cailey
while she goes down the slide

Cailey has progressed SO MUCH with her swimming and has already earned her black band at the Y!! To earn it she had to swim the length of the pool, tread water for 30 sec. and jump in the pool, turn around, and swim back to the wall. She tried to earn it our first week at the pool and wasn't quite ready yet. She COULD do it but her confidence just wasn't there. This past Monday I encouraged her to try again (after I heard her say that she would try again next year....I just KNEW she could do it!!) and she swam her little heart out! We were all cheering her on as she swam down the pool and counted while she treaded water...I am SO PROUD of her for earning her band!! She did it!! Now she has SO much more confidence and is swimming like a fish. It's amazing what confidence can do for a person. She kept walking around saying, "this is the best day EVER!" The reason she wanted her band was to be able to go down the slide...and for the rest of that day she did just that! She LOVES going down the slide so much that she spent three hours doing it on Tuesday and four hours sliding on Wednesday! Thursday she still went down a bunch but came and swam with us too:). I am just SO happy that this will be the first summer of not having three non swimmers:)!!! Way to go, Cailey!


Laura said...

That's SO awesome! Way to go, Cailey:) Reminds me of Rebecca....she can do so much more than she thinks she can!

Auntie Anne said...

Way to go Cailey! I know that you are having a blast at the pool, especially now that you have your black band and can do some things on your own! I am proud of you. Hopefully I'll be able to come up sometime this summer so I can watch you go down the slide!

Caroline said...

Good job Cailey! I so wish we had a pool to go to this summer. Although it wouldn't be much lounging for me with my active little man. Would love to come see you again sometime soon!