Friday, June 26, 2009

Braden's Adventure

I haven't blogged about Braden recently because he's been at Nonny and Poppy's house BY HIMSELF getting spoiled:)!! Nonny came and picked him up last week and he stayed with them for five days before the girls and I joined him (while Daddy worked). He had a BLAST! Nonny has taken Cailey for a week before and Braden couldn't wait for it to be his turn. He was very helpful to her and constantly asked what he could do to help.

Braden's words:
I had a fun time with Nonny. I rode my bike, went to see a movie, got dessert every night, and ate a big pretzel. I got to go to the library TWO times! I read to Nonny and Poppy. Poppy let me go on a walk with him and was proud that I could ride my bike without training wheels. Nonny bought me new shoes because she said my shoes were too small...wanna see them?:) Nonny likes to get up early so I didn't have to wait until 7:00. We walked around the lake and she said I did a good job. We went to Chick Fil A!

he loved helping nonny bake!

such a BIG helper! he truly has a servant's
heart and cares deeply for others.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of him with Poppy, as well...but that'll have to wait for next time. I'm so happy Braden had such a great time but I did miss my sweet boy while he was gone.

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