Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sprayground Surprise!

they LOVED putting cups over the water and watching it shoot
up into the air! thanks for the idea, Beth!

the girls doing ring around the rosie!

On Thursday I told the kids we were going to play at the sprayground instead of the pool. What I didn't tell them was that their best friends would be there too:)!! Kids are funny with surprises though because I expected Cailey to be so shocked and excited to see them. When they came, Cailey just walked up to them and said, "Look! I lost another tooth!" (Random) BUT later on when it was time to go home she asked me if they were coming over and then got super excited and was completely shocked that they funny!

In the afternoon the 'littles' (Hannah, Samuel, and Isaac) wanted to go outside and play but Laura and I did not because it was SO HOT. SOOO I offered to pay Cailey and Rebecca a quarter if they would 'babysit' them outside. I explained that they had to pay attention to them the whole time and do things that the 'littles' wanted to do. Cailey and Rebecca were SO excited (but Laura thought I was crazy and it wouldn't work for a quarter:) and did a great job! Everytime we looked out the window they were catering to their needs, playing with them on the see saw, pushing them on the swings, getting them drinks, and just being so sweet. They did such a great job that we gave them 35 cents...which they were VERY thankful and excited about:)!! I love that they get so excited about pocket change...and Cailey got paid another quarter the next night to watch Caroline.


Laura said...

So much fun:) Look how PALE R is next to C.....gah!

Laura said...

So much fun:) Look how PALE R is next to C.....gah!

Auntie Anne said...

Nice to earn some extra cash when you are young. It's great that they could play with the "littles" learning some responsibility and earning some money!

anthonyandbeth said...

i'm glad you liked the cups!