Thursday, May 8, 2014


mommy...take a picture of us having a snack together outside!
 baking together...picture courtesy of Braden

 being silly

 watching educational ipad videos together...they both love this!

 the only two home and they wanted a chips and salsa date:)

 These two love playing together outside. I heard them from the homeschool room and just had to take some pictures of them. They were playing 'Timmy Joe' which is something they've played for years. (All four of them play it). Basically Cailey's the mom and Ephram is Timmy Joe...the others have set names as well but the one I hear the most is Timmy Joe.

They were digging for clay, setting sail on a ship, making someone walk the plank, and being detectives this day.

I want to write this down so Ephram knows what a blessed little boy he was to have such a great sister, willing to play his games:)

He has brought out the imagination in all the other kiddos..they never played these games before he came along.

'mommy and Timmy Joe'

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