Sunday, May 4, 2014

Braden's Surprise Party

 Turning double digits is a big deal around here...big enough for a surprise party:)!
This year was Braden's turn but since we were in the DR for his birthday (and got the flu when
the original party was planned) I was a bit nervous he'd figure it out and wouldn't be surprised.

Braden LOVES to play games so I decided to go with a board game themed party. The decorations were pretty easy because we have so many games!  I just used those all around the party area then made the rest of the decorations using cards and monopoly money. 

 The piano was covered in chess pieces and scrabble words to spell out Happy Birthday Braden

 This was a gift I made for Braden (which Cailey helped me with.) I want him to be able to look at these words of TRUTH as he goes through the tough years of middle school...then on to high school. These are words that describe him.

 I bought cards and ribbon from the dollar tree to make this.

 food/drink table

 domino brownies

 I used these boxes of candy as the goodies to take home. I was thrilled to find Monopoly candy but there was only one box.

 veggies stix as pick up stix!

 Since Braden loves chocolate I had to get some of his favorite things. Chocolate truffles,

 pretzels with peanut butter inside, yoohoo

and a dice cake (chocolate, of course)
 I decorated the water bottles with 10's from Monopoly then Water Works card 

 scrabble crackers, chess board sandwiches, and snacks on the monopoly board

 Juicy Fruit Jenga

And now it's time for the Party to start!

 looking at a book I made for Braden. the boys were so sweet and wanted to look at ALL the pictures

 Game time. First up was Perfection. Making these games into a competition (with Juicy Fruit for prizes) was all these boys needed!  They had a blast!  Braden won the perfection game.

 they were hungry so we took a break for food

 After dinner they tried to see how fast they could stack 28 cups. The time limit was one minute and it was a lot harder than they thought it would be!

 we used the magnetic dart board after the cups.

 Then headed outside for a nail biting connect four tournament. Brian made up a sheet with who was going to go against who, then those winners competed, etc. They were ALL into it.

 it was just as much fun to watch as it was to compete. no one was allowed to give any hints.

 final four

 then the final two....and Braden pulled out the last win!

 The next game was super hard!  They held a popsicle stick in their mouths and had to see how many dice they could stack on before they fell. Most of the boys got three or four. Cailey came in for the win with FIVE dice!

 After taking a trampoline break (with giant blown up dice for a game of dodge ball) they came in for cake and gifts.

Caden and Kyle

Oh...and I made the 10 above his head out of cards from the dollar store.

 Braeden and Caden

 Reece and Eli (poor Eli wasn't feeling well at this point)

After the gifts we played several games of bingo until the parents showed up. These boys could've played bingo all night! I think I'm gonna have to host a bingo night:). I realize now I don't have pictures of it because I was the 'caller'

It was a happy game party for this 10 year old!

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