Monday, May 5, 2014

Farm Days

 We've been going to farm days ever since Cailey was in preschool. It was scheduled for the day after we got home from the DR but they all still wanted to we did. Chicks are my favorite :). Ephram didn't want to hold the chicks.


 they always like looking at the different kinds of cows.

 Ephram couldn't wait for his turn to milk the cow..but he wanted me to come with him :)

 oh my cuteness! we got to pet baby goats and little lambs!

 walking towards the field while eating homemade ice cream

 i love how the older ones enjoy sitting on the various vehicles almost as much as Ephram does. i'm guessing we won't still be going to Farm Days when he's 11...and Cailey's 18.

These cows wanted to be in our picture

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