Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Kinsey!

8.  This was a few weeks ago my smiley girl. Daddy and I took you
on a date which you LOVED. You love quality time and I love that smile of yours.

7 at the castle park showing me how you can fly

6 years old happy to be at the pool eating your favorite: clementines!

5 years old on a photo shoot

SO happy to play games with mommy at 4 years old. This was also the year you decided to chop off your hair up at your part. Took those bangs a LONG time to grow out:)

happy little 3 year old girl walking in the park
(wearing a dress Cailey wore on the day she met you in the airport and a dress
I wore as a child)

2 year old, strawberry picking

smiling sweet one year old

Now to day one. This is the first day you came home. Everyone wanted to play with you and loved seeing your huge smiles. You exuded joy that very first day, Kinsey!

Today you said, "I'm so glad I was born!" I responded with, "I am too my Kinsey glad!" She thought for a minute and said, "Do you know why I'm glad I was born? It's so I could be adopted by you, mommy" you melted my heart Kinsey girl.

From Daddy:

There is a game Kinsey and I play. It usually happens at bedtime and it always ends up the same. The game goes like this. Kinsey has to go ten seconds without laughing. She gets herself serious, buries her head in her pillow and I start counting. Sometimes she can make it to ten but it's very borderline. Usually around six or seven seconds you hear a muffled noise and her head start to shake. Despite her best efforts, that laugh cannot be contained. Kinsey is always bursting with joy and smiles. It is her most endearing and enduring trait. It is the very essence of who she is and can only be described as pure joy which at times cannot be restrained despite her best efforts.

Kinsey is unbridled joy wrapped up in a boundless ball of energy that cartwheels through life and squeezes every ounce out of it. No wonder she sleeps so easily.

Happy Gotcha Day! 

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