Monday, May 26, 2014

Got To Be NC Festival!

 We look forward to going to the Got To Be NC Festival every May.  We use this as our 'fair' because it's free and you can get a ride band to go on as many things as they want to. It's MUCH cheaper than the fair and there is NO crowds or waiting in lines!! We love it!

Ephram was in awe when he saw the tractors.

 Sweet siblings willing to go on 'Ephram rides'..and by the looks of it they were having just as much fun!

 Braden loves rides that have a big DROP

 on of the perks of being too little for certain rides is getting the sample the cotton candy first:)

 mommy was very sweet and a great sharer:)

 this. this doesn't happen often between these two but I'm so thankful I captured it on film!

 Braden..again...with the drop rides!

 Brian was teaching them about this cars' History. We throw 'school' in whenever possible:)

 We watched chicks hatch for a good 15 minutes. It was SO SO neat to watch them hatching one after another. There was also a place where we watched all the fluffy chicks who were ready to be out.

Super fun family day!!

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