Monday, May 5, 2014

thoughts a month out...

One Month. Some days it seems like a lifetime ago but others it feels like we were in the DR just yesterday.

This mission trip changed Brian and I. We are different now and think about the future in a totally different way. After meeting so many 'normal' people who were missionaries we think about today and next year, but not much further than that. God is moving our hearts and changing us in a radical way.

When we first got home we immediately wanted to sell everything and move. We both agreed we should take some time and see how we felt later on down the a a year.

Though the urge to 'go' doesn't seem as 'NOW'...we both still feel it. I'm much more interested when I see people at church going to plant churches in other states/countries. Much more interested in the MANY mission trips I see on the Summit site. I can say that I definitely want to go on another mission trip. Want to learn Spanish. Want to connect with missionaries.

I don't know how God will use us but I pray that we continue to be open and willing to GO. Neither one of us EVER thought we'd be missionaries...or go...but our short five days in the DR changed us for sure.

Facebook keeps me connected to the missionaries we met there and a few of the students we worked with. I get so excited when they post praises, prayers...even just everyday stuff. I feel my heart getting tugged on.

I don't know what will happen in our future but I pray that we stay open. I pray that we feel this way always.

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