Saturday, May 2, 2009


This week I made our BIG shopping trip of the month and replenished staples that were missing from our pantry. We were out of things I need for baking, dairy, meat, oils, it ended up costing more than I wanted it too ($70) BUT I saved some money by using coupons ($25 worth) and it's stuff that will last for a long time. I didn't take a picture of it because there was just too much and I didn't want things to melt or go bad. I also filled the freezer with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, etc. and two months worth of freezer meals that I cooked.
I realized that with everything I had been buying (actually, getting for free) our pantry was OVERFLOWING and needed to be reorganized (I so wish I would have taken a before and after pic but didn't think of it until now)...which was a big job in itself but it's done and now back to 'normal' (meeting my type A organizing standards) and the garage shelves are full of extra things like juice, etc.
I had the MOST EXCITING trip EVER to Target yesterday and just had to share!! I went last week and got this for $7.32: Free apples...yes, I did say FREE! The rice chips, Purell, juice, soap, deodorant, and Pringles were free too!! (The hot dogs were the bulk of the money but were on sale and I had coupons and we needed them.) Who knew I'd be able to get free produce! I've been able to get salad stuff free too:)...but I digress... I was SUPER excited about this trip because I saved over 32$ in coupons but my next trip to Target was so much more exciting (and yes...this is a high for me:)....



Even Brian was excited about this one and set up the pyramid of cereal for me:)!! Brian LOVES cereal and seriously opened up a box and ate it with dinner! I took two pictures because not everything could fit well into one but these are not repeated pictures...I got ALL this for $2.13!! Can you hear my excitement now L??? That is a savings of....are you ready??......well over $100!!!!

I'll break it down:
11 boxes of different flavors of Special K cereal
4 boxes of Trail Mix Crunch cereal
4 boxes of Special K crackers
11 lbs of apples (i STILL can't get over FREE apples!!)
1 Schick Quattro razor
2 boxes of Teddy Grahams
2 boxes of Kashi GoLean Waffles (this is a first in our family...frozen waffles, that is)
2 boxes of Glucerna cereal (taste like Raisin Bran)
1 bottle Snuggle Creme fabric softener
6 bags of Rice Chips

I still can't believe it (and neither could the people behind me in line or the cashier) but can't wait to find more great deals like this! Whenever I come home from shopping the first thing Cailey says is, "how much did you save?" She gets just as excited as I do about the savings and is learning a great deal about money and how to save.
I know I said I wouldn't be posting pictures anymore but had a bunch of people email me after the last one asking me too so they could see the savings. I have been TRYING to teach a few interested friends about the ways of couponing and hope that this will spur yall on! does take a lot of time so it's definitely not for everyone but for our family it's working great:). WOOoooHOoooo!!! (I'm not excited or anything:) If you want to learn more about it I'd be happy to share:)!!


Sherri said...

I'm amazed. So how much time did it take to save that $100?

Laura said...

Yes, I hear your excitement:) I need to get on this bandwagon:)

The Hilemans said...

so do you combine and use multiple coupons for single items?

Eve said...

how are you accomplishing this feat? Free produce? Who ever heard such a thing, with me not working and not bringing in a paycheck after Aug 15th we are going to need to be saving on groceries too!

Nan said...

Seriously???!!!?!?! I have tried to do the coupon thing and it just can't make it work. Will you share your tips that you have found, and I'm curious what a weeks worth of meals looks like for you and the kids...all meals if possible! I know that is a lot of ask, so if you can't don't worry about it. I'm just trying to figure out what I am doing wrong!