Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the lake

the kiddos were working hard building a

Cailey and Harrison had a GREAT time swimming in the lake
and having Anthony throw them around:)

great team work!

after a few minutes of being COLD in the water,
Braden decided it was more fun to play in the sand:)

playground break!

I'm SO thankful for such great friends!!

We've lived here for almost six years and NEVER knew that there were 'beaches' around the lake that the kids could play in. This weekend we drove a short distance away with some friends and spent the afternoon at the lake. The kids had a BLAST while Anthony and Brian helped them build 'rivers' in the sand. Beth and I got some great chat time (along with Addison:) while we watched the fun:)!!


anthonyandbeth said...

that's actually not a bad picture of us! i didn't know what to expect when he took it. :) maybe we can try more of these lakes around here...provided there is no e coli :)

Auntie Anne said...

That looks like such a fun day! It's nice that you guys got a chance to go do that! :) I was always told if I was cold in the water to swim more and I would warm up but there wasn't always sand to play in.