Monday, May 4, 2009

sick day

Friday morning my sweet Kinsey woke up and didn't want to eat breakfast...VERY uncharacteristic for her. She's never been sick (other than a runny nose) and I felt so bad for her. She just kept saying, "my tummy hurts". In the afternoon/evening she got a fever so I gave her Motrin and 30 minutes later she was instantly better and back to Kinsey!! Right after she felt better I went to wake up Braden (it was 5:00 and he was STILL napping). I asked him if he wanted to play a game and he said HE was sick:(. Poor guy had the same thing but only until bedtime. Up to this point no one had thrown up...just had bad tummy aches. At bedtime Cailey said HER stomach was hurting and asked for 'the bowl' in bed just in case she had to throw up. Poor thing was up ALL NIGHT throwing up...I felt awful for her. It brought me back to newborn baby nights, only worse because my baby was hurting. She was still not feeling better the next day but by the evening was able to eat some toast. I'm VERY thankful that the kiddos don't get sick very often and are better now!!


Laura said...

oh my goodness! So interesting that Cailey got the worst of it....poor baby:(

Nan said...

So sorry they got the yucky bug! About the extra 5 points...I have thought about it, and maybe it would keep me from "binging" on stuff...I'll have to think so more about it.