Friday, May 1, 2009

three helpers and a little lady

They LOVED taking turns feeding Addison, playing
peek a boo, giving her toys, pushing her stroller around
the 'circle', and trying to make her laugh!

Cailey was such a GREAT little mama!

This week we had the pleasure of watching Addison for a few hours. The kids LOVED taking care of her and wanted to do everything. Cailey even wanted to change her diaper! After lunch we all went out for a walk/run. They were pretty sad to see her go home and Cailey said, "Can we call Mrs. Williams to see when she needs to go away again so we can take care of Addison?"

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anthonyandbeth said...

looks like Addison had a GREAT time with the kids! she LOVES kids! :) i'm glad she slept well for you and it looks like she ate well too. :) thanks so much! tell Cailey we'll have to figure out a time for her to "help" with Addison again soon! :)