Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last swimming lesson

Braden has never been a fan of the water but he's come SO far and
can swim half the length of the pool!! (With an adult standing by)
I am SOOOO proud of you, bud!

Cailey has done great and can now swim the
length of the pool. She does GREAT but has a confidence
issue that hits about halfway down the lane and treads
water..then freaks out and needs encouragement. She REALLY
wants to earn her black band so she can go down the slide and
is practicing hard:)

I call Kinsey my little seahorse because she swims
vertically!! She does NOT want to put her face in so
everytime she swims it looks like she's treading water:).
She still has no fear and waits for someone to rescue her
after jumping in. Hopefully all the swimming we'll do this
summer will help them along too!


anthonyandbeth said...

what little fish you have! :) they are gonna have a blast this summer and i'm sure black bands aren't that far away! :)

Janet said...

I know it isn't the objective, but I love that Kinsey swims like a seahorse. Too cute!