Thursday, May 7, 2009


8 boxes of Fiber One Bars
10 bags of Chex Mix
5 lbs apples
4 Hershey's Bliss candy bars
2 boxes of Teddy Grahams
3 boxes of True Delights granola bars
6 bags of Rice Chips
5 bags of Granola Bites
4 cases of Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper (that you can't see in the back...didn't know that until now)
2 Easy Mac (new to the kiddos...also GREAT to donate)
4 boxes of Velveeta Shells and Cheese (the kids haven't ever had this either...i usually do homemade:)

Brian and I like Fiber One Bars and we were JUST about to run out. We usually buy them at BJ's, and even though I had a coupon for them it still didn't seem like a good enough deal so I was holding out. I've gotten so cheap now that I won't buy anything (extra like that) without a GREAT coupon. I've been out of my diet dr. pepper for a while too...holding out for a coupon! I was SO excited to be able to get both and everything else for $2.54!!
We're getting to the point of 'stockpiling' because we don't really eat 'junk' except for SPECIAL occasions (and by junk I mean pretty much everything I bought..except the apples and our Fiber One Bars that we both usually eat daily.) We'll take the goodies on day trips, to the beach, and have them when friends come over.
I'm going back later in the week for more of my freebies: 10 more bags of Chex Mix before the coupons expire, more apples (different variety on sale this week), and 10 more bags of Granola Bites:)!!!!


Janet said...

Awesome job!!!!!

Nan said...

You working on a tip sharing post yet?:)

Laura said...

Dang, girl! I'm with Nan....please share! Also, shaking my head that your kids have never had shells and cheese (although TOTALLY not surprised!) are supermom:)

Eve said...

I agree where is that tip post!:) I want to become a super saver just like you!:)
Love you!

Melissa said...

Hey Heather. This is Laura's friend Melissa and I clicked on your blog from her blog and I would LOVE to know how to buy all that for $2.54!! Please share!!