Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Packed Day...again!

Saturday we went to a new neighborhood's open house where they had food, a bounce house, face painting, carriage rides, balloon creatures, and goody bags. The kids had a blast and left with tummies full of Fat Daddy's! It was a great way to spend family time...and even was free!

Kinsey wanted her face painted (FIRST TIME EVER!!)
but then changed her mind when it was her turn. I told her
I'd hold her hand and my brave girl decided to get it done. She
loved how it turned out and I was so proud of her for
trying something she'd been scared of for a long time:)

Afterwards we spent the afternoon at a new (to us) park celebrating sweet Caroline's 2nd birthday! The park was beautiful, shady, and had different equipment for the kids to play on...we'll definitely be going back.

Happy Birthday sweet Caroline!

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The Hilemans said...

that group picture is a keeper! I think it turned out well for a large group of wiggly kids. :)