Friday, May 29, 2009

Boy Day/ Girl Day

Today Braden went to work with Brian...on a whim....literally a last minute decision as Brian was leaving this morning. He's never been to work with him before and we knew he'd do great and love that one on one time watching Brian work. As expected, Braden did AWESOME and had a great time! He asked TONS of questions, helped Brian, colored, typed, watched Veggie Tales, played with magnets, read, went out to Subway for lunch, read more....and just had a ball! Brian said that in the middle of the day he said, "This is so fun, Daddy!" SO sweet!
Since the boys were gone, we decided to have a 'girl day' and do fun things too. I THOUGHT it was going to storm all day (silly me for actually thinking the weather report would be right) so I took them to Jumpin' Beans first. After that we went out to lunch to Chick Fil A (with a gift card:) and the girls had ice cream too! I finally realized that the weather report was CLEARLY wrong and took the girls home to change into their bathing suits so they could go to a sprayground. Oh...and in between we stopped at Harris Teeter for some triple coupon shopping (and a free cookie for them)...wooo hooo (I digress). They spent a couple hours at the spray ground and we got home just in time to meet Brian and Braden at home for dinner.
Then we went to an AWESOME concert at our church as a family and my completely exhausted children did so great! The concert was almost two hours and I was SO proud of them! Kinsey did a GREAT job too- sitting, singing, praying, whispering...I just couldn't get over how nicely she did! I was amazed because that was a LONG time for a three year old (who had no nap and had been in the sun for hours) to sit. What a great day!
Believe it or not I left my camera home for our girl day...on PURPOSE:).

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Eve said...

nice to have some just girl time and boy time!