Friday, May 15, 2009

too tired for pics

I just got home from a fun but LONG day (gone for 13 hours) and wanted to post about my Target deals in case someone wanted to get down there before the sales run out tomorrow. I was too tired to take pics and didn't want to figure out how to arrange 16 packs of chicken so for today I'll just list everything.

8 Bliss bars
5 Pringles (small cans)
16 boxes of 100 calorie packs
1 bottle of Joint Juice (don't know what it is yet, but it was free:)
16 packs of Organic, All natural chicken breasts (we don't usually buy organic because of the expense but after I post the total I'm sure you'll all be running out to buy some:)
1 box True Delight granola bars
1 bottle of some fancy Soft Soap thing for the kitchen
2 Dove deodorants
2 trial size Coppertone sunscreen
2 bottles of Kraft Salad dressing
6 Quaker Bites
2 bags of Kraft All Natural Cheddar Cheese

I FREAKED out when I saw the 'before' price and was pretty much having a panic attack until I heard the total. Before: $170.40 Ready??? After: $34.41
Even though it was $34.41 I STILL freaked out because I had it in my head that it should not have been over $20. In the car on the way home it dawned on me that in my rush this morning I FORGOT TO GET THE COUPONS I PRINTED IN THE MORNING!!! SOOOO I left $19 worth of coupons at home that could have been used but am trying to NOT DWELL on that (for those of you who know me well, know that I'm going to be dwelling on it for years to come:(. Anyway, as Brian said...I still saved $136.99!!!!!!!! Craziness....VERY thankful but Craziness!

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Melissa said...

Heather, I am going to Target in the morning and have my coupons ready. I have been printing coupons for over an hour tonight! I just have one question. Do you have to do seperate transactions for any of the coupons that you have more than one? I have a ton of the 100 calorie pack coupons, pringle coupons, etc. and wanted to make sure you use all of yours in one transaction. Thanks again for sharing. I am excited about my trip tomorrow.