Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Kinsey!!

May 2006

Today is Kinsey's third gotcha day!! She still doesn't understand what it means and keeps saying (with a cute questioning look), "it not my not Otober" but knows that we are celebrating for her and is all smiles! I can't believe it's been three years since we picked up our smiling bundle of joy at the airport. I'm so thankful that God handpicked her for our family and love to see her gifts as she's getting older. Kinsey is the most compassionate child I've ever met and truly cares when someone is hurt or sad. She'll drop anything to comfort someone by bringing them a band aid, rubbing their arm, getting them a drink, or singing for them. Along with her compassion comes spunk, joy, easy going attitude, loads of love, and cuteness. She wants to do anything the 'big kids' do and tries no matter what (even if it means the whole gallon of milk will be in a puddle on the floor:).
Kinsey didn't pick 'favorite' foods for her special gotcha day and said she just liked everything...we were going to surprise her by taking her to "bok, bok, moo" (her favorite:) but since they are closed on Sunday's we decided to go to another one of her favorites. After dinner we celebrated with great friends by going out for "isweam"! Kinsey had a GREAT gotcha day!

We even brought our Special Plate to the
restaurant for her to eat off of:)

Sweet Friendships

Gotcha Day Month 2007:



We are SO thankful for you, Kinsey Adele!!

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Laura said...

Look how TINY the girls look at the airport....hard to believe that was three years ago!
She's getting so big:)