Thursday, April 30, 2009

31 cents

Yesterday Brian took Kinsey on a date to Baskin Robbins while I was at AWANA with the other kiddos. Baskin Robbins was having their annual 31 cent scoops so they were PACKED but they had a great time and Kinsey was super happy to spend time with daddy. Usually she has a hard time seperating from me on Wednesdays but knowing that she was going somewhere special helped was the FIRST WEEK (since September) that she didn't cry! Too bad we didn't figure this out months ago..there's only one more week:). Thanks for taking pictures Brian!!

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anthonyandbeth said...

i think daddy dates are so special! i bet kinsey felt so loved hanging out with her daddy sharing some ice cream together! i can't wait for Addison to have daddy dates with Anthony. ;)