Friday, April 17, 2009

Rain, rain, go away....


braid girls

fun with the keyboard

dyeing Easter eggs....both with regular dye and we tried something new this dyed eggs.

we had to let Lindsey experience our 'Amish pretzel' tradition!
all the kids chose a cinnamon sugar one this time but since it was
raining we decided to come home to eat them.

It finally stopped raining in the afternoon so we all went out for a big walk around the lake. The kids had fun with all of our morning activities, games, etc. but were excited to go on a walk. They did great and all of them (minus Kinsey who stayed home) walked two miles.

they took turns holding the leash:)

mom and dad have a new front loading washer and apparently the kids had
never seen one before because this is what we saw after starting the laundry!
they seriously were staring at the washer until we said it was time for bed:)

1 comment:

Janet said...

Why have I never heard of your Amish pretzel tradition???

LOVE the kids watching the clothes! I still remember going to my first laundry mat when we were camping. I thought that was just the coolest place! I guess it didn't take much to entertain me either as a kid. :)