Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday dinner

Kinsey wanted to help with dinner...
she got to help with the eggs

We were invited over to the Klick's house for Braden's birthday dinner and they made exactly what he wanted:)!! This year he wanted a granola bar for breakfast (a chocolate one that we consider a 'treat'), cake and ice cream for lunch, and blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon for dinner. We put a candle in his pancake so we could sing to him again:). On a side note, I forgot to write this in his party post but when I put the candles in his car cake he could not blow them out. I seriously thought they were regular candles but turns out they were all TRICK candles! Most of the kids hadn't seen them before and had a great time helping him blow them out. Braden was SUPER excited to be able to celebrate with his buddy Caden for his birthday and was sad to go home.

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