Friday, April 3, 2009

testing, testing, 123

We just finished up a week of STANDARDIZED testing in our house this week! I never tested well so I don't put much credit in these but I wanted to do it just to see where they are. Cailey took a first/second grade test and Braden took a K/1 test. They were SUPER excited about it and started out the mornings with a HUGE breakfast. After about 10 minutes on day one they both lost their excitement and were bored out of their minds! Even Braden was tired of taking it! I am assuming that next year they won't be too overjoyed about it...but it'll be a great way for me to know what things to work on. This is the first time in a while that I've felt like a 'REAL' teacher again...kinda crazy. Oh..and let me just say that I learned it is SO hard to watch them answer wrong when I KNOW they would have known the answer if they just thought about it! All in all I think they did great in reading and for science and social studies...we shall see when the scores come back! GREAT JOB KIDDOS!! They really hung in there and got it all done in four days instead of five.

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Janet said...

I remember one time Lindsey wanting to color in a 'C bubble' just because she didn't have any 'C bubbles' colored in. The answer sheet HAS to look pretty you know! :)