Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Auntie Anne's Wedding Day

kinsey and braden were SO adorable
and we were told by many people that they
'stole the show' walking down the aisle!

kinsey immediately started dancing like this..
so cute! i curled her hair with a curling iron
thinking that it wouldn't stay that way but was
pleasantly surprised when it did!

there was not ONE family picture (out of a ton)
where everyone was looking at the camera OR
everyone had their eyes open...grumble, grumble
I needed a crazy friend to get them to smile:)!

Daddy dancing with his Cinderella girls

i NEVER pay to get my hair done but decided to on a whim...
it turned out great!

cailey was a HUGE help and example for the flower girls:)

it was VERY hard to get them to smile in any shots
where i wasn't the photographer...and for some reason
i couldn't even get them all to smile when they did pics with each other...
oh well!

my favorite picture of all!

after the wedding:
we let the kids change b/c we didn't want their
clothes to get ruined AND their little feet were all

dancing to 'Cinderella'...and yes...i did cry:)

my boy asked me to dance:)

dancin' with auntie anne and grandpa
(anne and i lived with grandpa one summer
during college)

The morning of the wedding we took the kids to see the house I grew up in and some other places I wanted to show them. Then we headed to the mall for make up and an impromptu hair session. Once we got to the beautiful church that Anne grew up going to (and still goes to) everyone changed and got ready for pictures. Cailey became quick friends with the other flower girl (who is Kinsey's age) and helped her to feel comfortable walking down the aisle. The kids did great in the wedding (other than one of them walking to get me in the middle of the ceremony......great for comic relief!) I had a great time hanging out with Anne, helping her get ready, and meeting friends that I've heard about for years. The kids were super psyched about being able to dance...at one point they had played a bunch of older slow songs in a row and Cailey went up to the DJ and asked if he could "put on some groovin' music':)! The kids were SO tired that they fell asleep within 15 minutes of being on the highway.



Caroline said...

You all looked beautiful, especially you Heather! That blue is a great color on you! I'm so happy that Anne is happy and is with a good guy. Looks like a great day!

The Hilemans said...

I LOOOOOOOVE that picture of Kinsey against the red door. :)

Eve said...

Love the pics of kiddos! The family picture is great! You look fabulous Heather! Looked like it was a great day and a great wedding! Wish Joe, I and Cameron were there too.

Janet said...

Everybody looks just so absolutely adorable!! And the color, on you, is so very pretty! What precious pictures! I hope you enlarge a ton of them to frame and put up some where.

The Wise Family said...

Kinsey should model. I have never seen a bad picture of her. She is beautiful in every single picture!! Don't get me wrong, the rest of you look great...but that girl makes me melt!

anthonyandbeth said...

such beautiful pictures heather!!! the girls look absolutely adorable! i too LOVE the red door picture. that's a framer for sure.

Auntie Anne said...

I love you guys too! I was so blessed to have all of you there for the wedding and to have you and your children be a part! :) It was such a beautiful day and I had such a great time with everyone! :) LOVE YOU!!!!