Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frog Fest

making GIANT bubbles

aiming at the frog's mouth

catching bugs like froggy's do!

kinsey wanted nothing to do with the frog

the oldest two loved petting the snakes!

obstacle course

i just love that smile!

kinsey didn't do the obstacle course the first time but sweet Cailey helped
her go through it after she was done. the girls LOVED the obstacle course
and kept doing it over and over!

they LOVED the sack races!!

there were SO many turtles in the water!!
it was pretty neat to see this many turtles sunning

going through an 'interesting' obstacle course including stepping
around fake dog poop!

learning about copperheads

the flowers were in full bloom!

cailey made a frog habitat while the others played on the
playground. later on they all made door hangers.

their froggy door hangers

bearded dragon...very spiky! kinsey wanted
NOTHING to do with the animals but eventually
decided to pet the bunny:)

i have no words....she gets this reptile
love from her daddy!

this was right above the water where
the kids were feeding the ducks and
reminded us of Charlotte's Web

racing up a steep hill

tag with daddy

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Janet said...

Love it!!! Looks like a TOTAL BLAST!!!!!