Monday, April 20, 2009

Auntie Anne's Rehearsal Day

the kids were SUPER excited to see Auntie Anne!

Brian took Braden around to look at the stained
glass windows while we were waiting for everyone to arrive

Anne and Jim gave the girls silver cross necklaces and Braden
a pocket watch for being in the wedding! They LOVED them!

with the gorgeous backdrop i couldn't help but take a few pictures:)

i love this one of her among the flowers

beautiful blue eyes

best out of 50:)

i LOVE that real smile!

my boys

helping put the favors together

i decided to curl Cailey's hair for the wedding

I spent Friday with Anne and the other bridesmaids while Brian took the kids to a park and swimming...he's awesome!! Later that afternoon they came over to the church and helped put the favors together. With all three kids working we got it done quickly! They did great at the rehearsal and were excited for the wedding. That evening while Brian and I went to the rehearsal dinner they stayed with their FIRST babysitter ever and I was a nervous wreck about it! (When I say babysitter I mean not a family member or friend..someone paid). Kinsey cried for a long time before she finally decided that eating pizza and playing was more fun. Braden and Cailey had a great time.


Sherri said...

1st sitter ever? Wow. I could buy a nice car with all our sitter money.

McLeod Family said...

Those pictures are so beautiful!! Sounds like you had a good time. Anne looks familiar did she go to UNC-G?

Janet said...

My absolute favorite of Kinsey is the one in front of the flowers. Very sweet!