Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cailey and Lindsey

dancing to the keyboard music

they had SO much fun sliding at the pool!

swingin' high

zoo time

matchy piggy tails

silly on the subway

they spent a TON of time outside with the dogs

sleeping arrangements....they did great at night
and woke EARLY each morning.

they got to take a bath in Nonny's deep jacuzzi tub one night and

Nonny set up a table for them to eat at each meal

Cailey and Lindsey had a great time over spring break and got along PERFECTLY!! They had so much fun dancing, running, splashing, resting, dining (at their special window table), matching (their hair), giggling, playing, bowling, swimming, finding, praying, and walking (the dogs).

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Janet said...

Every time Lindsey brings up the trip she says: "You remember when I was gone for 6 days with Cailey?" How could I forget? :)

Great pictures!!