Wednesday, April 15, 2009

zoos, trees, and castles, oh my!


watching their FAVORITE...the pandas!

close up with the crocodile

my monkey loved the monkeys the best!

After a few hours at the zoo the kids came home and climbed trees, ran, and played outside.

Braden was trying to pull all the 'skin' off the stick.

Later that day we went to the castle park:)!!

everyone LOVED the see saw....even daddy and i!


OH...take notice of Cailey and Lindsey's hair everyday. They wanted to be 'twins' and told everyone that they were sisters:). Kinsey wanted to match them too...

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Janet said...

Great pictures at the Zoo!

Re: the hair. I've already heard a thousand times: "Mrs. Barbour does a good job with my hair." Well....d