Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Day 2009!!


after a pancake breakfast the kids went searching
for their baskets

Kinsey got bunny ears in her basket and when we turned
around we saw that the kids got creative with them:)!! so funny!

mom and dad have a great yard for hiding eggs in and we hid
123 of them!! this year we hid them in more tricky places and they
had a blast finding them. we also hid a 'golden' egg that had something
exciting in it...MONEY!!

Kinsey's technique was to get some eggs, drop them
all out of her basket and repeat that several times:)

Braden's technique was to find as many as he could...

Cailey had ONE goal in find
the golden egg!! She wanted nothing to do with any
other eggs (we didn't tell them what was in the egg, just that
it was extra special). Eventually I was able to convince her to
get some of the other eggs:)

Look who found the golden egg!!

enjoying the candy

We had a great Easter Day at Nonny and Poppy's house! The weather was beautiful for an Easter Egg hunt. In the afternoon, Poppy took Cailey and Lindsey to a nearby park while Braden and Kinsey napped. They had a great time on the tire swing...and climbing! Nonny spent the day baking a bunny cake and making a great Easter meal.

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Eve said...

glad you all had a fun time in MD! Yeah for Kinsey for finding the 'golden egg'!