Thursday, April 16, 2009

rainy day fun


Lindsey LOVED the dogs and couldn't wait
to see them each morning and every time we came home.

Nonny had the great idea to take the kids bowling since it was a rainy day.
We had two lanes...the kids had bumpers and ours was normal. I was TERRIBLE
and should have used the bumpers!

Cailey tried several techniques:)!

Lindsey did AWESOME and beat us all!

sweet Kinsey had a hard time at first and
her ball got stuck in the lane

we discovered they had cool ramps to help Kinsey and
Braden so their balls could get all the way to the pins.

french braid girls

pretty pink nails that we painted:)

when we got home the kids once again wanted to climb trees:)

That afternoon we took the kids to the awesome pool near mom's house...another great rainy day activity! This was by far everyone's favorite thing to do over spring break.

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Janet said...

I'm telling ya -- you guys know how to party on a rainy day! :)