Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Braden's Gotcha Day!

Happy Happy Gotcha day to this boy!  I can hardly believe it's been 9 years since we picked him up from the Washington airport and he became ours. Chosen for us. Chosen for our family...for a reason.  We love you beyond the moon times infinity Braden, and are so blessed God chose US!

My boy wanted a mushroom omelet for breakfast.
He is growing out of his Korean clothes!! I need someone to bring me back a bigger hanbok from Korea!

His lunch request was Steak, onions, and mushrooms!  He loved every bite!

Braden really wanted Caden to be able to celebrate his day so we had them over for dinner...which was breakfast!  He had chocolate chip pancakes, breakfast casserole, and yummy brown sugar apples.

Caden was born two days before Braden came home to live with us and these two are close buds. Oh Braden, I pray pray pray that God will use you for BIG things!  You have such a sweet heart and kindness towards others.  You put others before yourself, you have a servant's heart, you are smart beyond your years, you are fun to be with!  Happy Gotcha day, my Braden boy!

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