Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mini Barbour Fest

After Grandaddy died (October 14th) we went to the visitation and funeral...then to visit Papa's grave. SO sad. Brian and I invited everyone over the next day to join us for dinner.  Chad was in town and we were thinking Mark and Wendy were coming but at the last minute they couldn't.

I spent the day (after co op and before packing for our mountain trip) cooking up a storm! 
Ephram LOVES him some Courtney and wanted her to hold him constantly at the funeral and at the house.  But thanks to some bribery candy he gave granny a hug

Courtney played headbandz with the kiddos

siblings with their mama

the whole crew...minus the photographer:)

Dinner was my 4 lbs of my baked shrimp recipe, 3 lbs of ziti, 2 loaves of my garlic bread, giant salad, marinated mushrooms, and two fresh apple desserts. It was a great night together...oh, and we were even able to skype Julie and Ellen Grace!

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