Monday, October 21, 2013

Girl Weekend 2013!

 Karen picked me up for the girl weekend and after showing her around the new kitchen and downstairs we were off to meet Adele!  We did a lot of catching up on the way...these friendships are SO sweet because we just pick up where we left off the last time.

 We went to Bojangle's for lunch after getting Adele and checking out her new house.

 Once Adele, Karen, and I were in the mountains we went to Target to get food (and look for matching jammies:).  While we were there Laura showed up!

 We wanted to wait as long as possible so Anne could join us for dinner and ended up going to Outback. SO fun to be all together for the weekend!

 SO...then I discovered that I left my camera at Outback. Since it was late  we were already in our jammies...but it's a girl weekend and they were sweet to come with me to get it. We also wanted to watch Pitch Perfect together so went in search for it at Walmart. This was HILARIOUS because everyone was staring at us...and one man even took a picture but Adele caught him!  Walmart didn't have our movie so we headed to Target. Strangely enough hardly anyone gave us a second glance in Target!  Very fascinating...and we found our movie!

 There were lots of sweets, talking, laughing, serious talking, more laughing, and boy were our conversations fun!

Karen and Adele found some things to do in Asheville for Saturday. We started at the Farmer's Market where I bought two bushels of apples...YAY!

 farmer's market

 then we headed to the Rattlesnake Lodge trail for some hiking...but not before I made them stop a million times to look at the mountains...and take pics!

 this is what happened when I told the girls it would be a cool pic if we laid  not exactly what I was thinking..but still fun!

 hiking up to Rattlesnake Lodge....which burned down a long time ago and is really just an open area with a sign talking about it.
 the leaves were pretty!
 adele and I sitting on what we think used to be the outside of a pool

 view from the pool....and below

 Next up we headed to a craft fair (and ran into a Native American fair) in downtown Asheville. We looked around at all the fun things.

 and tried on hats

 After the craft fair we walked over to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. We were super hungry and happy we found a close place to walk to!

 The pizza was SO very yummy and the company was great!  After we drove back we watched Pitch Perfect together. It was a super fun weekend but always go by so quickly!  I'm thankful for each of the girls!

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