Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tweetsie Railroad

 We won tickets (in an adoption auction) to Tweetsie Railroad, Grandfather Mountain, and Linville Caverns...PLUS did a trade with Laura and Dennis to stay in their time share for a super fun mountain getaway from Friday-Tuesday.
 Today we bundled up with many layers and headed to Tweetsie bright and early.  It wasn't crowded at all and was a beautiful sunny day. 
 the kids loved looking at all the western garb

 the girls were all about the covered wagon with their love of all things Little House....and the boys LOVED the cowboys and guns:)

 We started off with the train ride

 the boys driving

 Ephram was SUPER bummed to be too short for all the rides. This is the first time he's shown interest in 'scarier' rides and he can't wait to be able to go on them with the other kids.

 airplanes...he didn't love this because it was too 'little'

 this was the one bigger rides he could go on and boy did he LOVE it!  he kept saying, "again, again!" they went on this spinning ride at least four times in a row and he cak

 time for the girls to drive!  cailey did the gas, brake, and steering by herself

 daddy wanted nothing to do with the chairlift so he stayed down to take pictures...before having to climb up the mountain to meet us at the top.

 playground break
 cailey got to be the Magician's helper in the Magic was super fun.

 about to tour the mouse mines
 more rides!

 we went to see the animals next. deer, goats, llamas, emus, sheep, burrows, mini horses, and alpacas.

 i sacrificed my dizziness for this sweet boy so he could go on a 'big' ride:) he cackled the WHOLE time and told me he'd help me get down.

 Stick em' up!  Each of the kids chose something at Tweetsie. Ephram and Cailey chose guns, Kinsey got gem rocks, and Braden got a 'coonskin' hat.
 The girls and I spent time on YouTube learning how to make rainbow loom bracelets with their new sets.
 the kiddos decided to brave the cold evening and go to the playground together while we got dinner together.
 Brian discovered the remote for the fireplace and we all loved sitting in front of it. Then we had a dance party, ate popcorn, and played charades.
Today was a super fun day together!

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