Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Middle School??

This girl. She's growing up WAY too fast for this mamas liking. Look how big she's getting!  This year was the dreaded middle school dr's apt. AKA lots o' shots AKA they are old enough to know what's coming.

I talked and talked to her before the appointment and she knew what was coming. She is my super nervous (just like her mama) before anything even happens girl which made the whole appointment pretty unpleasant. She was just anxious. I tried bribing her with a CFA milkshake (her FAV) if she didn't cry BEFORE the shots but that didn't end up happening.

(She gave me permission to share this story)

So it's time for the shots and she's SCREAMING...HYSTERICALLY. I mean...she's a big girl now and it's a lot harder to hold her down. We had two nurses in and kept calm..trying to calm her down to no avail. The poor thing was terrified even though I told her it wouldn't hurt. They debated (with her) about having to do it in her leg since she was flailing so she calmed down...a bit because she wanted them in her arm.  SHE.WAS.SCREAMING. forget the milkshake. I was shaking...but talking softly to her, singing, trying to calm her down. We told her to breathe out while the needle went in and what happened next was hilarious.

She went from screaming hysterically to completely CALM and said, "Oh...that didn't even hurt". OH MY WORD. This girl. We both had a big laugh about it and decided it would just be a funny story to tell later. She was totally fine...just nervous about the unknown. I have NO doubt that if she had to get more shots tomorrow the same thing would happen though...silly girl.

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