Friday, October 18, 2013

Cailey's Soccer Fall 2013

This fall Cailey is playing soccer with both Kickin' for the Cross (her last season with them) and New Life Camp. It hasn't been the best season because they didn't have enough players for them to play games, so instead she spends Saturday mornings (from 8-9:15am) basically practicing on a TINY field then scrimmaging. Oh..and it's a co ed team because the boys her age didn't have enough people either.
the only 'super happy' part about it is that Abby is on her team
since Cailey LOVES this sport she hasn't been too bummed

I found out about New Life Camp holding 'open soccer' on Tuesday evenings for 8 weeks and Cailey is doing that too. She likes going every week and playing with different people.

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