Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy 8th birthday, Kinsey!

 We celebrated Kinsey's birthday before our trip to the mountains. She wanted a gymnastics theme party with a basketball cake and snacks!

 For her birthday breakfast at the mountains she wanted a moon pie and juice by the fire.

 When we had a pit stop she requested BBQ chips as a snack.

 Kinsey had chick fil a for her birthday lunch (while the rest of us packed a picnic lunch to eat on our way home from the mountains).

 One of Kinsey's favorite things I do is brush her hair. She is ALL about touch and loves for me to scratch her back or brush her hair '100 times'...and loves hugs. When we were unpacked Kinsey and I sat outside together and I brushed and brushed her hair in the sunshine.

 For dinner she requested a DOUBLE pepperoni pizza. We have now decided it should be called the Pookie Pepperoni pizza in her honor. Brian used giant pepperoni's on top of the sauce, then cheese, and last covered the top completely with little roni's.

 She started to help him...but then got distracted by all the yummy pepperoni.

  She had already eaten some of the pepperoni off before I could grab the camera but she wanted me to make her pizza look like a K. My kinsey girl LOVED the pizza and ate all the toppings off before getting to the crust.

for dessert she had ice cream and soda pop

We had a great time singing to her all day long and celebrating this sweet girl!  I'm so thankful for you my Kinsey Joy!  Happy 8th birthday! My prayer for you this year is that you will learn to LOVE reading books!

Game- Old Maid
Sport- gymnastics
Food- pepperoni
Meal- double pepperoni pizza
Drink- root beer
Song- This Love (Mandi Mapes)
Movie- Willie Wonka
Thing to do outside- jumping on the trampoline
Color- hot pink
Dessert- cookies and cream ice cream
Toy- banky (blankie)
Thing to do- watch a movie
Book- American Girl Books (read to her)
Season- fall
Place to go- Disney World
Subject in School- reading
What do you want to be when you grow up?- missionary nurse

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