Friday, October 25, 2013

Pioneer Days Theme

 Cailey came up with the great idea to be pioneer people for Halloween back in May (when we went to the homeschool conference she saw Laura Ingall's type outfits and was in heaven!)  She asked mom to make her one to wear all the time so she could play in it and mom surprised her by making it for her birthday!  She LOVES it and wears it to play 'Little House' all the time. We were trying to come up with other ideas and knew we needed a cowboy and a Native American. At first we thought about Braden being a farmer but after reading 'Where the Redfern Grows'  he wanted a coon skin hat then I ordered suspenders.
 Originally Ephram was going to wear regular overalls but I went to get Kinsey a pair of jeans before our mountain trip and this costume just happened to be hanging in the clearance rack by the HIS size!  I know he'll get a TON of use from it because my little guy LOVES dressing up and playing characters.

 This beauty...her costume was a little harder and I confess that I actually BOUGHT (gasp) it at the party store. I searched and searched Amazon, Target, and other stores but didn't find anything I loved. When she put this one on it was a little big but velcro and minor sewing fixed it right up. I love the way it turned out, and more importantly...she does!  She wanted to be the Native American as soon as she heard about it.

 Ephram got a new gun at Tweetsie Railroad. Complete with holster and belt!

 I brought the costumes to the mountains in hope I'd find the perfect place to photograph them...and I did!

 I totally hear the 'little house' music when I see this picture

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