Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sickies, doctors, and snuggles, OH MY!

 This summer was MUCH better than last but we still had a few bouts of sickness.  Cailey only dealt with PFAPA a few times...but when she did it took her down completely.

Cailey's label: "HELLO! I'm pretty sick here"

 bless...even big girls need snuggles when they are sick

 Kinsey went to the eye doctor and we thought she'd need glasses. She does have a little astigmatism but thankfully it's not bad enough to need treatment.

 this boy:(. he has sick eyes

 And this GIRL!  Kinsey NEVER gets sick...I mean, NEVER. She had a terrible stomach virus that thankfully didn't spread among the family.

 Unfortunately even when  my Kinsey girl was sick we still had to go to dr. apt's.

And then a dentist visit...which was easy peasy for all four of them. yay!

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